Central Server, the mind of Smart Parking sistem

The hub of all the information collected by the system. It can read all data distributing them to all the parts of the system.

How it works

⭕️ Constantly communicating with all system peripheral.

⭕️ Maximum security network

⭕️ It can istantly communicate, keeping all system variables updated in real time.

Advanced services for citizens


Modern clouding technologies

These features allow the system to save data in storages with unlimited capacity, with a superior level of security.


Safe and anonymous storage

The storage of data in the server is performed in total security for user and for the person who will manage information.

The value of knowledge


Advanced communication

Central server uses alternative communication protocols such as:

    a proprietary protocol that allows great versatility;
  • LoRa WAN
    a standardized protocol, standardization defined by LoRa ALLIANCE;
  • NarrowBand IoT
    it is based on optimized networks following the logic of the Low Power Wide Area.

High level of integration

Thanks to Intercomp’s technologies the system can understand and integrate various data from different peripheral.

The system can integrate other elements, if already present, aggregating them together.

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