Smart Parking cameras

Cameras for the identification of the presence of vehicles on individual parking bays, a technological evolution in order to meet the new urban necessities.

How camera works

⭕️ The camera must be positioned at the highest point available, giving it measurement parameters based on the type of area which has to be analyzed.

⭕️ The images are acquired and immediately converted into data (free/busy), using algorithms.

⭕️ The images are not recorded, instead they will be deleted as soon as it is converted to data, what remains is only the parking status.

⭕️ The data passes through the server and then it arrives directly on the management software POLIS which will process it by matching it to the eventual payment transaction and will make it available to all interested parties.

Advanced technologies for our city


High performance

The cameras we provide can analyze large parking areas, up to 300 parking bays.

The distance and the accuracy of the measurement depends on the height on which the camera is installed and the presence or absence of obstacles around the detection area.


Smooth installation

Implementing cameras does not require to close up the area in which the installation has to be done.

Implementation could be managed meanwhile parking activities are ongoing with no bother for the citizens

Italian engineering

The combination of sensors and cameras is a necessary integration which will help to provide a structured solution area with peculiar needs.


Vision systems

In just 15 minutes, cameras can be installed and utilized in any urban area.

If positioned at elevated heights, they can cover over 300 cars.

Data protection

Before starting to use a vision system we made sure to have a completely secure data protection.

First of all the captured images are in low definition, so it is actually impossible to identify license plates or faces.

Besides the cameras we use transform the images into data. The images are not transmitted to our software and the server deletes it automatically.

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