Smart Parking Systems

Smart Parking Systems is an innovative solution developed by Intercomp S.p.A. in 2002 in order to create a technology for transforming public spaces management into a resource for Municipality and for the citizen.

We’ve started producing motherboards and personal computers. Today we have different divisions:

Smart Parking Systems

The solution for a SMART management of public space for laying the foundation of the city of the future, a cleaner and more efficient place to leave to the next generations.

Hardware Solutions

We produce branded Hardware Solutions for various industrial sectors:

  • Industrial automation
  • Solutions for computerizing hospital wards
  • Digital Signage
  • IT for office

History’s Value

A visionary project started in 2002 when the Smart City concept yet had to come.


In collaboration with the American partner Vehicle Sense, Intercomp S.p.A. invented and patented the first Smart Parking System in the world.


Begins of the research project for industrialization and commercialization of the system.


First installation tests. First critical issues resolved. First commercial installation. First success.


The research project ends.

It was considered by the Ministry of Research as a highly innovative thus awarded with a coverage all of the research costs, 1,5 million euro.


11 years of innovation.

11 years of commercial experience in Italy and in the World crowned by national and international awards.


Continuous investments in research and development, acquisition of new patents and adaptation to new technologies, in order to continue to be the technology benchmark in the industry.

  • Mission

To spread an innovative and profitable Smart City solution in all cities, improving citizens’ quality of life and efficiency of Municipality’s services.

  • Vision

To create a cleaner planet and more efficient cities, for leaving a treasure to the next generations.

Smart Parking

A solution to make efficient and profitable the parking management on cities streets